7 Mistakes That Almost Every New Blogger Makes. Are You Making One Of These?

Blogging Mistakes

When I started Techibiz in early-2012, I made various mistakes which blocked my path to blogging success. I received extremely low traffic; managing about 2,000 views in 4 months.

I realized it after a few months into blogging that I was making some big mistakes on my blog. I decided to write this post for all new bloggers who are having trouble in driving traffic to their blogs.

1. Focusing more on marketing than content

This was the biggest blunder that I made with my blog. I devoted 30% of my time on writing blog posts and the rest 70% in marketing them on social media and forums.

The biggest piece of advice that I can give to any blogger, whether new or old is to devote more time on writing great content that is almost irresistible to read and share. Once you start writing high quality content, it would be much easier to market that content. You won’t even have to market it yourself. Your audience would love to promote it on social media and other channels if they love your content.

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40+ Free App Review Websites For iOS And Android

Mobile App Review Websites

Have you recently published a new app? Are you having problems in getting downloads for your mobile app? One of the easiest ways to build exposure and drive downloads to your app is through mobile app review websites.

App review websites are communities of mobile users who regularly check out these review websites and download apps that they like. The reason why app review websites are so powerful is because these review websites have a massive amount of social media following, thousands of subscribers and daily visitors.

The Problem With App Review Websites

The problem with app review websites is that either you have to pay a hefty amount to get featured on these app review websites (sort of like advertising) and that the free ones don’t review each and every one. They usually review the apps that they themselves find in the app stores rather than you contacting and requesting for a review.

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8 Tips To Write Killer Blog Post Titles. I’m Using #5 In This Title.

Writing Killer Blog Post Titles

Have you ever had trouble in driving traffic to your blog? Have your ever felt that you have written an amazing blog post that is ready to go viral but it never did?

It might just be because of your blog title. Have you ever focused on the blog post title or have you just taken it for granted?

See, the problem is that you know that you have written a great blog post but your readers don’t know it. The first interaction between you and your readers is the blog post title. It is sort of like a make it or break it scenario. If you write a title that can excite readers to click on the link to your post in search engines and social media networks, you have already solved half the puzzle.

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