[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Create Killer Facebook Content That Gets Shared


All  social media marketers know the importance of Facebook as a marketing platform. After all, Facebook has over 1 Billion users. The reason why Facebook is such a versatile and profitable marketing platform is because of its diverse audience. There are also targeted groups and pages which cater to this large audience and are goldmines for traffic if effectively marketed on.

I am writing this post to show you how to effectively market your content on Facebook so as to increase engagement and traffic. The infographic that I am going to share with you has been designed by BrandNetworks.

Here Is The Method That Is Making Supercell $829 Million Per Year


Have you ever played the superhit games Clash Of Clans or Hay Day on your iPhone or Android? There are large chances of the answer to that question being yes. The reason is this –

Hay Day Downloads Snapshot

Clash Of Clans Downloads Snapshot

Here are two screenshots of these two games Hay Day (Screenshot 1) and Clash Of Clans (Screenshot 2) from Google Play Store (Android). Both of them collectively have well over 6O Million downloads on Android alone. And this is just for Android. These games have been even more successful on iOS. What differentiates them from other top games like Temple Run, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja is how they have been developed. Without much ado, I break the simple method that Supercell has used in their games in comparison to the other even more successful ones in terms of downloads like Temple Run.

Sensor Tower Review – App Store Optimization (ASO) Tool

Sensor Tower Screenshot

If you have any know-how of App Store Optimization (ASO), you must be knowing about the most popular tool in the mobile app marketing industry – Sensor Tower.  Sensor Tower is one of the easiest to use yet robust ASO tool in the mobile app marketing industry.

I have been using Sensor Tower for my clients’ apps and my own Android apps and it has brought about an increase of over 220% more downloads on average for each app! I am reviewing Sensor Tower to educate you how to use this simple yet effective mobile app marketing tool for app store keyword research, competitive analysis, app idea validation and app idea generation.

7 Blogging Mistakes That Every New Blogger Makes. Are You Making One Of These?

Blogging Mistakes

When I started Techibiz in early-2012, I made various blogging mistakes and as a result I received extremely low traffic; managing about 2,000 views in 4 months.

I realized it after a few months into blogging that I was making some big mistakes on my blog. I decided to write this post for all new bloggers who are having trouble in driving traffic to their blogs.

1. Focusing more on marketing than content

This was the biggest blunder that I made with my blog. I devoted 30% of my time on writing blog posts and the rest 70% in marketing them on social media and forums.

The biggest piece of advice that I can give to any blogger, whether new or old is to devote more time on writing great content that is almost irresistible to read and share. Once you start writing high quality content, it would be much easier to market that content. You won’t even have to market it yourself. Your audience would love to promote it on social media and other channels if they love your content.

40+ Free App Review Websites For iOS And Android

Mobile App Review Websites

Have you recently published a new app? Are you having problems in getting downloads for your mobile app? One of the easiest ways to build exposure and drive downloads to your app is through mobile app review websites.

App review websites are communities of mobile users who regularly check out these review websites and download apps that they like. The reason why app review websites are so powerful is because these review websites have a massive amount of social media following, thousands of subscribers and daily visitors.

The Problem With App Review Websites

The problem with app review websites is that either you have to pay a hefty amount to get featured on these app review websites (sort of like advertising) and that the free ones don’t review each and every one. They usually review the apps that they themselves find in the app stores rather than you contacting and requesting for a review.